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I Believe in Unicorns - theatre trip

I Believe in Unicorns 

Trip to Stafford Gatehouse - Tuesday 8th October


Years 2 - 6 were very excited to travel to Stafford Gatehouse Theatre to watch an adaptation of 'I Believe in Unicorns' by Michael Morpurgo.


The story is of a young boy (Tomas) who dislikes reading until he hears the stories of the 'Unicorn Lady' at his local library.  Tomas grows to love books that much, he saves the library books during a terrible fire at his local library in World War II.  

The Gatehouse's performance drew us all in to magical the stories of the 'Unicorn Lady' as Danyah Miller acted solely with books, props and imagination.  The show was inspirational and both children and staff were mesmerised by the imagery and power reading can have.


After the show, the children who had brought a book to be used in the performance were able to choose another book to take home before we left.  There was a huge selection to choose from and the children were really inspired to want to read, read, read!

Since we have been back in class, the children in Years 2 -6 have been working very hard to produce a range of writing inspired by their theatre visit.  

Examples of the wonderful work produced coming soon... 



To build anticipation for our theatre trip, we dressed as Michael Morpurgo book characters on Monday 7th October and had a school lunch inspired by Michael Morpurgo's favourite foods.


Here are some pictures of our unicorn-topped muffins.