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I wonder where I'd go as a time traveler?

A special visitor came to see Year 1!

Road Safety Talk 


This week we had an assembly about road safety by the motorway police. We learnt about the importance of keeping safe when in a car and walking. We then got to go and see the police car and chat to the police about all their different equipment. We had a great time!

Interfaith Week 

This week as part of our schools Interfaith week, we have learnt about the festival of light "Hanukkah". We have been finding out about why this celebration happens and how it is celebrated. We then made our own "Menorah" candles in Art. Some of us stood up in our celebration assembly on Friday and shared what we had learnt with the rest of the school. 


In English, we have been building on our knowledge and skills so we are able to write a fact file about owls. 


What does a fact file need? 

Phoebe- Real information that people can learn from. 

Zane- Pictures! 

Nell- A title 

Daniel- Subtitles 

Harley- Facts 


The children have really enjoyed reading all about owls and have great sticky knowledge! They can't wait to share their fact files with you so that everyone can learn some fun facts!

Children in Need!

On the 17th November we supported Children in Need by wearing our PJS and donating money to the charity!

Ellie- Children in need is where you help other people. 

Elliot- My mum has donated online. 

Ivy- It helps families to have a better time! 

Religious Education 

In RE, we are learning about different world religions and how they celebrate key events. 

On the 10.11.23, we had a focus on Hinduism and Diwali. The children learnt the importance of light to the festival and decorated their own diya lamp. 

The children then went and decorated the playground with colours and patterns, just like people decorate their homes.


In our Geography lessons, we have been focusing on the weather. We have looked at the weather patterns throughout the seasons, and how they vary each year. 


We had so much fun pretending we were on the news and read out our own weather forecast. We used our new vocabulary words whilst we presented. 








We have also learnt the different weather symbols. 


Still image for this video



In our History lesson this week the children had the opportunity to play various playtime games that would have been typical in the Victorian times. These included: blind mans buff, skipping, hopscotch and hoop racer. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have even chosen to play them at break time too!


In History, we have been exploring what it would be like to go to school in the past. 

We have looked at three key dates. 1910,1950 and 1990 and compared those times to now. We have had great interest learning what it was like for our older family members attending school. 

History 02.10.23 

In our History lesson today, we acted out a Victorian Lesson. We got to imagine and pretend what it was like to be at school over 100 Years ago. 

We stood up when a teacher entered the room, walked round with our hands behind our backs, wrote with feathers and ink and finished school at 5pm! 

The children thoroughly enjoyed this but most of them voted that they prefer what school is like in this day in age. 



During this worship we learnt the importance of 'serving each other.' Two children were asked to eat a bowl of cereal with a spoon that was attached to the end of a meter stick. They could not feed themselves. They needed a team of children to help them and they served each other.  The children found this lesson valuable and realised the importance of teamwork. 


In art our topic we are learning about sculptures. We have been looking at artists from the past such as Da Vinci and we are going to build and design our very own time-machine to fit in with our Time Travellers topic. We have explored different materials as well as using our sketch books to magpie other ideas from artists! Check out our work below.


In science we have started our new topic 'Materials.' We have used our scientific observational skills and grouped materials in different ways. We have learnt new vocabulary such as: Transparent, opaque, waterproof, absorbent and much more!

We have asked questions to help us find out more when we are investigating different materials.

We then used this knowledge to carry out an investigation. Our Big question was: 'What material is best for Ted to use to make an umbrella?' We tested different materials as well as using our new vocabulary words to decide the best outcome! 

Pupil Voice:

Zane- I think the glass will be best because Ted wont get wet. 

Layla- I think the plastic material will be best because it is light. 

Mila- I think material is best because it will also keep him warm. 

We put all of the children's predictions to the test. 

Sorting Materials


We started our Computing lessons by looking at technology and the different types of technology. We discussed what technology we have at home and when we use them. In the next lesson, we talked about the parts of a laptop and their names. Last week, we got the laptops out and were put with our computer partner. We all learnt how to log on to the computer with our special username and passwords. We then learnt how to shut down our laptops correctly.