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Who's Who

The Staff Team

Picture 1 Mrs. P. Phillips Nursery Classteacher
Picture 2 Mrs. K. Eden Reception Classteacher
Picture 3 Miss. L. Rutherford Year 1 Classteacher
Picture 4 Mrs. P. Holland Year 2 Classteacher
Picture 5 Mrs. E. Bates Year 4 Classteacher
Picture 6 Miss. H. Watts Year 5 Classteacher
Picture 7 Miss. H. Davies Year 6 Classteacher
Picture 8 Mr. P. Dixon Year 6 Classteacher
Picture 9 Mrs. L. Booth Classteacher (Mat leave)
Picture 10 Mrs. A. Wall Classteacher (Mat Leave)
Picture 11 Mrs. N.Hudson Classteacher (Mat leave)
Picture 12 Mrs. S. Aldred Early Years Lead Practitioner
Picture 13 Mrs. W. Jackson Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs. V. Lowe Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs. A. Bowyer Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Miss. I. Dyer PE and Activity Apprentice
Picture 17 Mr. P. Owen Music Instructor
Picture 18 Mrs. R. Williams Admin/Finance Assistant
Picture 19 Miss. J. Bradley Administration Apprentice
Picture 20 Mrs. L. Rigby Ancillary Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs. K. Roberts School Cook
Picture 22 Miss. A. Ward Catering Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs. S. Foxley Catering Assistant
Picture 24 Ms. B. Keay Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 25 Mrs. K. Bourne Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 26 Ms. J. McCrostie Lunchtime Supervisor