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Australia Question and Answer Session

Fossil Talk

Science - Egg Box Collector

Rugby Session

D&T - Constructing chairs from different materials

Science - Carrying out a fair test

English - Using our senses to describe Hansel and Gretel’s Gingerbread House ingredients

Maths-measuring volume in ml

Geography -Compass and Map activities

World Book Day 2024

Science Investigation - Testing Materials

The children carried out an investigation to test the suitability of different materials.  The each selected a material and followed instructions to construct a boat.  We observed the boats over time to decide which material made the best boat.  These are the boats after a whole night floating in the water.  Which one do you think is the best? 


PE - Mirroring

As part of our gymnastics unit, we worked with a partner to create a sequence by mirroring each other.  We combined high, medium and low level movements and used different body parts to balance and stretch.



Science - Testing Materials

Today we investigated different materials to see if they could

  • bend
  • stretch
  • squash 
  • twist