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Spring Term

Spring Term Topic Web

Science - Reflections

This half term our topic in Science is 'Light'. This week, we have been learning about reflections and how we can see into a mirror. We completed some different activities using mirrors to test their reflectivity. We wrote 'mirror messages' to each other and tried to read the messages in the mirror. We also completed a 'mirror maze' where we had to try and walk along a wiggly line only using a mirror to guide us - it was lots of fun! 


On Tuesday 9th January, we were really lucky to invite a pantomime into school to perform their production of 'Aladdin'. There was lots of singing, dancing and magic carpet rides as the performers told us the story of Aladdin and Jasmine. 

Art - Festival Feasts 

This half term our topic in art has been 'Festival Feasts'. We have explored different artists and had a go at making different 3D sculptures using various materials. We set up our own class corner shop with all of our finished designs!

Science - Marie Curie

This half term our topic in Science is 'Scientists and Inventors'. This week we are learning about Marie Curie and her contributions to her field of science. We talked about x-rays and how their invention has benefited the medical field. We made our own x-rays out of art straws and card! 

World Book Day 2024


Science Week 

This week is Science Week and this year's theme is TIME. In Year 3, we have been creating water clocks as part of our investigation. We created our water clocks using recycled plastic bottles and then carefully set up and carried out our experiment. It was lots of fun!

Science - Fossils

We have been very lucky this week as Miss Holland has brought in some fossils for us to look at and explore. We got to see the fossils up close and learned all about where they came from, how they were formed and what animals they were from.