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Autumn Term

Curriculum Topic Web

Please explore our topic web to see what we will be learning this term. This term our topic is 'Stone Age to Iron Age' and our supporting texts are 'Stone Age Boy' and 'Stig of the Dump'. 


Spellings will be given out at the beginning of each term to be practised at home. Children will be informally tested on their weekly spellings each Friday. 

Our trip to Wrekin Forest School

Science - Colour Investigation 

This week Year 3 have been reading 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. For our Science lesson, we went outside to gather data to answer the question: 

'What is the most popular colour in nature?'

To answer this question, we went outside and explored our natural environment to gather evidence to test our predictions. We collected items from nature and then sorted and classified them back in the classroom to see which colours were most frequently collected. 


RE - 'Our wonderful world'

This half term, our topic in RE is all about the Creation story. This afternoon, Year 3 went outside and explored what they found wonderful about our world and God's creation. We explored the vegetable patches, stood under trees, listened to the birds sing and even wiggled our toes in the long grass. We then discussed what we found wonderful about the world and how we can help to keep the world a wonderful place. 

History - Neolithic clay models 

This half term, our topic is the Stone Age. This afternoon, Year 3 were learning about Stone Age homes and how they are similar and different to homes today. We discussed some of their key features and then had a go at using clay to create their own stone age replica. 

Science - Investigating soil 

This afternoon, Year 3 have been learning about different soil formations. We discussed what soil is made of and learned about the 4 main processes of soil formation. We then investigated soil samples using magnifying glasses and petri dishes. We saw lots of different things in our soil samples - and even found some worms! 

Art - Creating Cave Art 

This half term, Year 3 have been exploring the use of charcoal to create different textures and patterns. This afternoon, they created cave art using cardboard boxes and charcoal, using the skills they have learned to create light and dark textures and different markings for their cave. 

Science - Investigating permeability

This afternoon, Year 3 were investigating the permeability of different types of soil. They set up their investigations and ensured it was a fair test. They poured water onto different soils and tested to see if the soil allowed water to pass through or didn't. 

Computing - Creating Stop-Frame Animations

This half term, Year 3 are experimenting with stop-frame animations.This afternoon, they had a go at creating their own animations using the iMovie app. 

Geography - Extreme Earth

This half term, we are learning about 'Extreme Earth' in our Geography lessons. This week have been learning about volcanoes and how they form. We did an experiment to show how the volcano erupts and then forms into its cone shape. I have attached the instructions below if you want to have a try at home!

Y3/4 Netball Competition

Y3 Open Morning