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I wonder what it would be like to live in a Castle?


The children have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘expressive art’ painting projects. They have learnt that painting isn’t just about using a paintbrush, there are so many other tools too! 

What new tool have you tried to make art? 
Layla- a card to blend 

Toby- the other end of the paintbrush 

Grace- sharp objects 

Elliot- our hands and fingers! 

We have also enjoyed exploring other artists such as Charlie French and Vincent Van Gogh and using their ideas in our own art work. 


Non fiction writing. 

In History and English we have been learning all about Castles and Knights. 

This week, the children received a special message from King Lonsdale. He needed the children to write a non fiction booklet about how to become a knight so he could recruit some new workers. 

We have learnt about uniform, training & duties, weapons and so much more! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have great sticky knowledge! 

Questions to ask your children: 

What are a nights metal gloves called? 
What material is a Motte and Bailey castle made from? 
How old are you when you are a page, squire and then a knight? 
Who won the Battle of Hastings?

Computing- Bee Bots!

We learnt how to make the Bee Bots move by pressing different commands.