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Forest School

What is Forest School?


Forest School promotes the holistic development of learners in an outdoor woodland environment and is led by our Level 3 Forest School Leader, Mrs Lowe with Mrs Rackley assisting.


Bishop Lonsdale Forest School programme will encourage children to develop physically though hand-eye coordination, stamina and balance.  To build on their emotional resilience, self awareness and confidence.  To develop their social cooperation and empathy towards others.  To linguistically encourage their knowledge of flora and fauna names, experience the seasons of our world and to spiritually recognise the part they can play in nature conservation.


Forest School activities will be child-led and allow children to take supported risks. There is a high adult:child ratio during every Forest School session.


FSA Forest School definition:

‘An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.’


This new venture will compliment the academic and sporting opportunities offered at Bishop Lonsdale Academy and will be offered to all pupils attending the school (through our two year Forest School Rota).


We would like to thank the PTFA for their fantastic fundraising efforts which have helped to fund the training and initial set up of our new Forest School area.


We would also like to thank our wonderful, supportive parents who along with the following local companies, have kindly donated items for us to use within our Forest School setting: Sleepy Hollow Nurseries, John Moore Trading Ltd, Elektra Coatings Ltd, Snape Electrical Contractors Ltd and Capricorn Eco Timber.  


Forest School Parental Information and Forms

Forest School Programme - Summer 2021


Take a look at some of the great activities the children enjoyed during our first 6 week programme at Forest School:


Working together to form an agreement of expectations when at Forest School then signing it the Forest School way - with a muddy hand print!


Forging a relationship with the forest by making Tree Guardians to protect the woodland.


Exploring our new surroundings, learning the names of the trees and identifying them by the characteristics of their leaves.


Investigating what makes the best habitats for minibeasts by doing some bug hunting, using our ears and eyes to spot the birds and their calls, as they visit our woodland area. 


Adding a splash of colour to our gardens by planting flowers in the raised beds and then watering them each day to help them grow.

Free play and Forest School games - Lots of opportunity is given to the children to explore the Forest School area together, through free play activities and fun team building games.


Den making skills - working together to make a den that will withstand the wind, rain and also provide shade from the sun.  Constantly risk assessing as they build to ensure their shelter will not only keep them dry but will keep them safe and remain sturdy.



Time to brush off on our knot tying skills! 


Tool use - Children worked with the guidance of a Forest School Leader, within the tool circle, to carefully use some of our Forest School tools.  Children were successful at confidently lopping branches into smaller sticks which they then whittled at one end, to make their own toasting sticks.



Our fire circle - Safely seated away from the flames, the fire circle is an ideal time to come together and reflect on the days session.  What have they enjoyed the most today?  Have they tried something new? Can they give an example of where others have shown great teamwork? What would they like to do more of?


We then finish with a warm drink or snack using the heat from the fire.