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Reminder - our next INSET day is Friday 28th May - children will not be in school.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Like adults, our children are living through a time of great uncertainty. However, their skill of resilience is not as strong as some adults nor do they have the coping skills or social support bubbles to help them.

Research carried out by many organisations have shown our children are not coping well Prof Barry Carpenter is talking to educational professionals about the need for a Recovery Curriciulum to support children through the losses they have faced as well as the huge impact this pandemic and multiple lockdowns will have on the future mental health of our children.  There is no better time for us to consider developing good mental health in our children.

You may have seen you child become more clingy recently or withdrawn or quick to get upset. The smallest thing seems to be a huge issue for them. Their feelings or normal and natural as they try to process the uncertainty and loss they are dealing with. Below are some practical strategies you can employ at home to help them during lockdown.



Hints and tips

The link below includes helpful websites detailing support for mental health and wellbeing.