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Welcome to Nursery Class

Mrs Aldred 2022/2023


Welcome to this exciting time for your family as your child begins their journey at Bishop Lonsdale Nursery. We hope your child will be very happy and enjoy many achievements in our nursery.

The children have had a fabulous first few days and are settling in  very well. Over the next few weeks we will be getting to know the children by talking, playing and listening to them. This will help us gain knowledge about them and what their individual next steps are. We are looking forward to getting to know your child better.

The children are all doing fantastically well coming into school in the mornings. We know that for some children (and parents) this is a daunting and emotional time. Please be assured that any children who are initially finding this part of the day difficult, settle quickly once inside and they are soon happily playing.  


Useful information


Water Bottles

Your child will need a water bottle in school every day. This water bottle needs to be clearly labelled with the child's name.



In Early Years children will be able to access the outdoor area every day. When the weather is wet children need the appropriate footwear. Please send your child into school with a pair of clearly labelled wellies for them to keep in school. 


Spare clothes

Please send your child into school with a spare set of clothes in a small drawstring bag that can be left on their peg. These will come in handy if your child ever needs changing and will make them feel more comfortable in their own clothes. Please could you label all of the children’s belongings.



Nursery’s PE lesson will be on a Thursday morning. PE kits will be a white t-shirt, green shorts and trainers. Children are welcome to wear jogging bottoms and jumpers, however we will begin with indoor PE.


Fruit and Milk

Nursery children will receive free milk and a piece of fruit each morning.



Tapestry is our online learning journey for you to share at home. If you have not received, any Tapestry notifications by Friday 9th September then please contact the school office and we will sort this for you. It is important that we are able to share your child’s experiences in school with you via Tapestry. Please check your junk mail box, as they have been known to end up there.


Care Plan

If your child requires a care plan for any medical needs, please collect from the school office and return to school ASAP.


Family photos 

Each child has a learning space on the wall in our Early Years classrooms with their name on. Please send into school a printed picture or upload onto Tapestry a family photo so we can display this on your child's learning space in the classroom for them to see. Please could these be sent by Friday 17th September.


Nursery End of Session collection arrangements

11:50am/12:20pm – School Office. Please come to the main school office and a member of the Early Years team will bring the children to the office for collection. 

3:20pm - Early Years playground. As you are aware, home time is a very busy time! We appreciate your support while we are getting to know people who are collecting the children and this will become much quicker over the next few weeks. We may be asking for passwords several times just while we familiarise ourselves with lots of new faces. If you have any questions or would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate but please wait until all the children have been dismissed from the classroom. If your normal home time arrangements change e.g. children are being collected by another adult, please let your child's class teacher know by contacting the school office.



Each half term children will be set an activity via Tapestry to complete at home, depending on the activity it can either be brought in or photos shared on Tapestry giving the children the chance to talk about their work.


I look forward to an exciting year!

Mrs Aldred




Over the year we have planned for topics which offer a broad and balanced curriculum to engage children in new experiences to further their learning and knowledge.  These topics are subject to change depending on the children's interests.

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring termSummer term 

I wonder where is  home?

I wonder what happened to Humpty Dumpty?

I wonder who my superheroes are?

I wonder what is above the sky and below the water?






Ten Town Characters Rhymes

Class Rules and Expectations


Within the first week of school the class talked about what they thought would make our classroom a happy place.  We discussed what we would expect from each other and what values we held high in our expectations.  These are the rules which the class came up with to make the Nursery a happy place.


We keep our classroom tidy


We look after our toys


We play nicely with each other


We are kind and friendly


We share with each other


We always say please and thank you


We are helpful


In Nursery we follow the Development Matters Document where a child's development is based on their age.  Our curriculum uses children's interests and experiences to spark their enthusiasm and love for learning.  By the end of Nursery we would be expecting the children to be meeting the majority of the statements within the 3-4 years bracket, however we do make our judgements as professionals on a 'best fit' basis.  All children have the expectation to meet the Early Learning Goals statements by the end of Reception.  Please click on the icons below to view the statements for each age range. 



Useful documents for Nursery parents/carers

Online Safety


In a day and age where computers are part of our everyday lives, it is so important to teach our children how to keep themselves safe from an early age.  We need to work together to ensure our children are aware of how to protect themselves and where to get help.  Here are a couple of child friendly stories you can share at  home to support the work we do in school.  If you have any questions or need support with online safety then we are always here.



Wesbite Suggestions

Home Learning

Some parents have asked about daily structure and timetables.  Below is just one suggestion that may work for your family.  Remember every family is different, every child is different, every working situation is different.  Avoid comparing what other families are doing and how much they have done each day.  Do what works best for your family and for your child.  Also remember sitting one to one with your child for an hour doing 'academic time' would not be suitable for this age group therefore do as long as you and your child are enjoying together. 

Play Based Learning

Remember EYFS is focused on learning through play so make the most of: imaginative play at home, games with your children, creative tasks, exploring your garden, baking together, singing and dancing, exercise, reading to your child to develop language and communication.   Have fun with your learning at home. 


If you need further suggestions/guidance please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will then forward emails to relevant teachers. 


It's lovely to see some of your learning at home already being shared on Tapestry, especially happy faces enjoying the lovely weather in our gardens.  We are regularly checking Tapestry and can communicate with your children about their activities. 

Online Suggestions

Please see below some suggested links to support your child with their learning at home.  We know there are so many great suggestions also circulating through social media.   


Thank you for all your support and also following Government guidelines to keep your children at home unless required for emergency childcare. 


Keep safe.