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I Wonder Where I'd Go As A Time Traveller


We worked together in groups to carry out different activities to learn about the differences in weather between countries located near the equator and those further away from the equator.  We used atlases to write a list of countries near the equator.

Science - Habitats

We created collage posters to show different habitats.  We had to include: weather and climate, plants and trees and animals.  This helped us to understand how habitats differ and how animals and plants adapt to their environment.   

Maths - Base10 Comparing numbers

Using Base 10, we made two 2 digit numbers and compared them to identify the largest and the smallest.  We could build on this learning to then add two 2 digit numbers together. 

PE - Fundamental Skills

The children had so much fun today using balloons to practise key skills needed for PE.  They were controlling the balloons by hitting them with the correct amount of force and direction to pass the balloon between the members of their group.

DT - Sewing

As part of our D&T unit, the children were developing their sewing skills to join materials together.  Soon we will be using our skills to make Christmas decorations.  We can't wait to show you our creations once we have designed and manufactured them :)

Look at our creative Christmas cards.  We have taken our learning in Geography about the Northern Lights to make a Christmas card.  We hope our families like them

Design and technology - Our finished decorations

Our final creations!  We are looking forward to hanging them on our Christmas tree at home.  We concluded our D&T topic by evaluating our decorations, considering what was successful and what we would improve next time.  

HISTORY - Schools Now and Then

Victorian School Games - Skipping, Hop Scotch, Hoops and Blind Man's Bluff

RE - Creation Story - Acting like robots building the world

Art - Experimenting joining materials

Science Lesson - Exploring habitats in our school environment

We are so lucky to have our wonderful Forest School grounds to explore in our science lessons.  We looked carefully to investigate the different minibeasts, counting how many of each minibeast we discovered.  Can you guess which one was the most common?

Maths - Investigating all number bonds of 10

Class Worship - Serving each other with love

PE - Fundamental Movements - Travelling Backwards