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Spring Term

I wonder who the greatest explorer is?

Cool Computing! 

Year One have really enjoyed their computing lessons this half term. They are now experts at logging in independently and opening up programs. 

Each week, we have focused on different artists and recreated some of their work on the computer. We also tried using a new piece of equipment called the mouse, which we learnt that we had to plug the cable into the USB port at the side of the computer. 

Physical Education 


During Spring 1, we have been participating in Gymnastic lessons. We have learnt some new Terminology. 


What is an Asymmetrical balance? 

Harry- Where your body is balancing and doing different things on each side. 


What is a symmetrical balance? 

Sterling- Where your body is doing the exact same on each side. 


We have also been looking at how to perform different spins at different heights. Year One also learnt that you can spin on patches of your body or using points.