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Spring Term

I wonder what it would be like to live in a castle?

Our amazing World Book Day costumes in Year 1MB!!

Stafford Castle Trip 


On the 6th March we went on a coach to Stafford Castle for our school trip. We had a fantastic day and learnt so many new things about the history of Stafford Castle. In the morning we all enjoyed dressing as knights and charging up to the castle! In the afternoon we made coins, herb bags and shield rubbings and had a workshop learning about what life was like at Stafford Castle many years ago! 



In computing this half term we are learning about collecting data. In todays lesson we discussed labels and where we see them in our classroom and how they help us. We then worked in a group to sort and label objects.




In science we have started our new topic ‘Animals and humans.’ 
The children were asked to research an animal for their homework and ensure they included the classification. The children did a great job and created some fantastic, informative posters! 


We have also compared animals within their own group. For example, not all mammals have four legs. 


26th February- 29th March

The children have really enjoyed reading the traditional tale 'Hansel and Gretel.' Part of the story features a Sweet House that is found deep in the woods. The children tasted different parts of the Sweet House such as: Strawberry laces, biscuit, sweets and more! This then allowed them to create an adjective word bank to enhance their writing later in the week. 



Instruction writing: 



This week it is reading week. The children have read different types of instructions and picked out the features such as imperative verbs. 

The children then had a go at reading and following a set of instructions and they made their own gingerbread! 


Zuzu- I read that you had to mix the soda and flour. 

Ada- We needed 1 tablespoon of syrup.

Oliver- We had to weigh the flour 

Mina- We had to mix the ingredients together 

PE- Rugby with Eccleshall RUFC


Maths fluency is really important for children to develop their skills as they expand their knowledge on number. 
During spring 1 we had a focus on being fluent in number bonds to 10. To help support your children with this, websites and games such as ‘hit the button’ are fun ways to practise and make maths fun! 
During spring 2 we will now be focusing on doubles to 10. Simply sitting in the car on the way to school, modelling doubling facts to your child is a great way for them to learn! 



In History and English we have been learning all about Castles and Knights. 

This week, the children received a special message from King Lonsdale. He needed the children to write a non fiction booklet about how to become a knight so he could recruit some new workers. 

We have learnt about uniform, training & duties, weapons and so much more! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have great sticky knowledge! 

Questions to ask your children: 

What are a nights metal gloves called? 
What material is a Motte and Bailey castle made from? 
How old are you when you are a page, squire and then a knight? 
Who won the Battle of Hastings?

Bee- Bots 


In computing this half term we are learning how to give bee bots different commands to move.



The children have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘expressive art’ painting projects. They have learnt that painting isn’t just about using a paintbrush, there are so many other tools too! 


We have also enjoyed exploring other artists such as Charlie French and Vincent Van Gogh and using their ideas in our own art work.