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Spring Term

Science Week

We have been looking at how global warming is affecting our planet and the frozen world. We then held a protest on the school playground at the end of the school day.

World Book Day

Identifying and naming parts of a circle, and drawing circles to a given radius using a compass

We enjoyed sharing our Titanic half term homework, and asking and answering questions about them.

Why weren't more people saved on the Titanic? - Newsround special

Sponsored Fitness Circuit

Thank you to Miss Bradley who bought in her Mexican sombrero and clothing - we really enjoyed trying them on!

One World Week - We have learnt about regional fiesta costume designs. Afterwards, we created a series of costume design sketches and we designed and made fiesta costumes and decoration.

One World Week - We prepared guacamole and tested it with cheesy nachos and salsa.

One World Week - We learnt a Mexican Dance

Islamic Day - We carried out some food tasting, wrote our name in Arabic and calligraphy and we also looked at how Muslims perform Wudu before prayer.

One World Week - We observed, choreographed and performed Mexican inspired dances using a range of movement patterns

One World Week - Painting a Mexican landscape with a focus on colour.

Lever Investigation - Table top seesaws


In Science, we have been looking at how levers work; exploring how the position of fulcrum, load and effort impacts on use


We needed to identify where the best position was for the fulcrum in a simple lever. Identifying those things that needed to stay constant while we took measurements and made observations for our main variable. We had to plan methodically to ensure testing was fair, logical so that the results were not unreliable.

The Unsinkable