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Transition Tasks

Moving up to high school is a very exciting time, but there also might be a few things you are worried about and it's OK to feel like this - I know I felt lots of different emotions when I was moving to 'big school' and in the end I really enjoyed it! Your high school will do their best to make you feel as welcome as possible too.

If you have any questions or if want to ask me anything about your transition, please send me a message on Class Dojo and I will do my best to help you :)


These are your weekly transition tasks for you to have a go at if you want to:




Here are some leaflets for parents which offer suggestions in helping support your child with their transition to secondary school:

Some of our wonderful ex-pupils have kindly written you a letter to welcome you to Sir Graham Balfour and let you know some of the really important information you are bursting to know - from what is served at lunch time and how long you get, to house time and homework.

I hope you enjoy reading them :)


Here are some videos to help you through your upcoming transition to secondary school:

They run alongside the 'It's Your Move' booklet.


If you are going to Sir Graham Balfour, these transition materials will help you start to think about your Year 7 identity and your future at high school. 


This is a very useful booklet to help you start thinking about your upcoming transition to high school.

It has lots of fun activities for your new school and skills for the future.


This is also a great book to support with the transition to high school: