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Carol Service 2019 - a very special evening, huge thanks to all who attended and a star turn from soloist, Isaac Greenway. You were brilliant!

School Council

Welcome to our School Council page!

Have a suggestion about improving our school?
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School Council Elections - Friday 11th October 2019


The school hall was transformed into 'Bishop Lonsdale Polling Stattion' and Years 1 to 6 took turns to vote for their Class Councillors.

The votes have been counted and verified by Year 6, and the results are in!


Your Class Councillors are:


Year 1R - Sophie and Una

Year 2NH - Eliza and William

Year 2PH - Jenson and Abigail

Year 3S - Sophie and Mari

Year 4D - Jai and Scarlett

Year 5W- Charlie and Evelyn

Year 6D - Libby and Connie


Congratulations to our new Councillors and well done to all those who prepared speeches!


Photos of our elections coming soon.