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1st February 2021

We hope you are all well. This week, Reception are going to explore the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Below you will find links to the story and the suggested activities. There will be a video uploaded onto  Tapestry to compliment this weeks learning.  As always if you have any concerns or quires please do not hesitate to get in contact.


It has been such a privilege to see you all on our Teams calls; we are really enjoying the games and activities and we hope you are all too, it is so beneficial  for your children to keep in contact with each other and also celebrate their achievements.  Please keep uploading the work your children have completed or even pictures/ videos or comments about other achievements. It is so important for us all to keep in touch.  

Have a wonderful week and we will see you on Tuesday and Thursday.

Little Red Riding Hood Overview - 1st February

Mental Health and Wellbeing week 


To support our children’s mental health below are some resources for you to use with them. The song and PowerPoint can be used to describe and acknowledge emotions which are important. It is important to link emotions to behaviour and support your children to understand that behaviours are a way in which we communicate our emotions. By acknowledging our emotions, we can talk about how it changes our behaviour. For example, if we feel sad we may cry  or  not want to  do anything. 

Additional PE sessions 

On Wednesday we have included a Joe Wicks PE lesson and asked you to design your own PE session afterwards. 


Below are links to additional PE skills sessions you can complete over the week .