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Autumn Term

The children have worked really hard on their space topic and have produced some fab pieces of work!

Planetary scales - modelling the solar system using toilet rolls

Creating our baubles for the Christmas Tree in Eccleshall

Potato printing the phases of the moon

Phases of the moon using Jaffa Cakes!

Painting our planets made from Mod-roc

Maths Problem Solving/Reasoning Day

Entrust Outdoor Education - Explore Film

Explore and Inspire residential programmes at our four outdoor education centres, Laches Wood, Standon Bowers, Shugborough and Chasewater.

Laches Wood Blog Monday 30th September - Friday 4th October 2019


Day 1

The children have had a fab first day!


 When we arrived, we had a tour of the centre and then they were set on their first task of making their beds.


We had some sandwiches for our lunch in our classroom and went on our way to our activities. Half of us did high ropes and the other half did canoeing.


Later, we carried out our duties and then went for tea. Tea consisted of: jacket potatoes and fillings, pork/Quorn sausages, mash, Yorkshire pudding, veg and gravy


We then did our evening activity, looking around the centre for registration plates and then adding and multiplying the numbers.


After a very wet day, to get us warm and snug for bed, we had hot chocolate and a biscuit.


After a busy day, we were all asleep by 10pm!

Off we go!

Day 2


We had a much dryer day than yesterday.


Group A had Biking and Caving in the morning, and Archery in the afternoon. We had our very own Robin Hood and Maid Marion who scored the highest score for the the boys and girls. We learnt lots of new skills!


Group B had Climbing and the Rock Room in the morning, and Biking and Caving in the afternoon. We are gaining skills in team work and supporting our peers. During biking, we learnt the basic skills before going on a trail.


In the evening, we had either: Bolognese, curry or a jacket potato with a filling. Our activity was the photo trail where we had to look at a photo, find where it was taken in the centre, and then find where it was on the map. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate before we went to bed. After a very busy day, we were all asleep by 9pm!!

Breakfast time!

Group A - Biking

Day 3


Most of us woke up at 7am, some of us had to be woken up because we wanted a lie in!


We had a full English for breakfast, carried out our duties and had a dorm inspection - we are very good now at making our beds and tidying our rooms! 


Groups A's morning activity was Bushcraft. We went for a rummage in the woods for things to make dens with. We also roasted marshmallows over a fire. In the afternoon, we did the High Ropes. It looked pretty scary, but we all had an excellent attempt at it and went up for another go!


For group B, we had Climbing and the Rock Room in the morning. We learnt how to put our harness on, and support our friends as they made their way up the climbing wall. In the afternoon, we had Canoeing. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity. We learnt how to move forwards, backwards, left, right, turn 360 degrees and how to work together to paddle. We played a few games and had a race. 


Tonight for tea, we had the option of a roast dinner or jacket potato and a filling, and apple crumble and custard, or chocolate mousse.


Our evening activity was, Laches Spy Mystery. During WW2, the centre was used by the land girls. We had to solve the clues around the centre to find out who the German spy was. We had our hot chocolate and biscuit and spoke about the highlights of our week so far, we cannot wait to tell you all about it!


Tomorrow we have another busy day, we were showered and in bed for 9pm.

Day 3 - Group B canoeing

Day 4


This morning we were super quiet and didn't wake up until 7am, some of us had to be woken up again! We had a full English for breakfast to prepare us for our walk.


We filled our rucksacks with our lunch, water bottles, spare clothes, and hat, scarves and gloves. We got on a coach which took us to Cardingmill Valley.


When we got there, we walked up to the waterfall and then had some lunch. After lunch, we carried on and were told lots about valleys, old forts, what a ford is and what it means. 


We walked really well and are very tired. For tea tonight, we had a choice of pizza, fish finger or jacket potato and a filling. We have also been looking forward to our campfire all day too! We sang songs, told jokes and had a dance.


We finished the day with us having hot chocolate, all having a shower and bed, in preparation for our final activities tomorrow, and to see our grown ups!

Final tea of the week

Day 5


Today was our last day and the children were very excited to see there grown up back at home!


We had our Full English for breakfast and then went to pack everything away in our dorms ready for a dorm inspection.


Group A had Archery. We had our very Robin Hood and Maid Marion who scored the most. Group B had Bushcraft. We made dens in our teams and then tested them out against a strong wind. Afterwards, we looked for dry branches to put on the campfire. We made and ate s’mores, they were yummy! We then practiced using a fire striker to start a fire. It was very challenging!


We then had lunch, followed by a presentation and review of the week, and then loaded our bags onto the coach ready to travel back to school.


We have had an amazing week and were all challenged at some point during the week. Some of us have also faced our fears and overcome them. 


Myself and Mrs Williams are extremely proud of all of the children for their hardwork, effort and attitude this week. We have enjoyed every moment and hope that everyone has a lovely weekend resting ready for school on Monday.

Good morning!