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Home Learning Blog - We are now using Class Dojo

Year 5's Home Learning Blog

A blog can be very exciting, it allows us to share what we have been up to during our home learning. I look forward to seeing your activities!
I'm challenging Year 5 to show me how creative and funny they can be! Mission will be set soon!

For those of you that enjoy doing these in Maths, here is a reasoning problem!

Today's Challenge: Who would live in a house like this?

Design a creature that would live in the boot of your car, or the bottom of your bag.

What special adaptations /characteristics would it have?

Animal Town

Question time!

Which animal would be suited to working in the health clinic?

Can you give suggestions as to the occupations of the other animals in the picture?

If you could have any job, what would it be and why?

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

What problems might they encounter in Animal Town that humans don’t encounter in human towns?

Are there any similar problems that both animals and humans experience?

Would animals be better off without humans?

Would humans be better off without animals?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what a scene looks like in the supermarket in Animal Town?

Today's Challenge: Make it fly

A paper aeroplane, glider or helicopter falls to the ground much more slowly and more gracefully than a scrunched-up piece of paper. It’s all thanks to the forces generated by air pressing on and moving over the surface of the paper.

How long can your paper aeroplane stay in the air?

What do you notice if you make the front of the plane heavier?

Still image for this video
Scarlett and Hattie both had a go at yesterday's tin foil boat challenge.
Well done girls, I am very impressed! It is lovely to see your smiling faces.

Was the image what you thought it was?

Can you describe the colours, shapes and textures? What do you think the image is now – have you changed your mind?

What does the image remind you of and why?

What do you think the image is and why?

Take a much closer look at this familiar object. Can you use your reasoning skills to work out what it is? I will zoom out every hour to show you some more of the photo!

Today's challenge: Tin Foil Boat Challenge

1. Use scissors to carefully cut tinfoil into 2 rectangle shapes.

2. With the first piece of foil, form a boat that can hold pennies and not sink.

3. Predict how many pennies your boat will hold.

4. Place the foil boat in the bowl of water.

5. Place 1 penny at a time in the boat. Keep adding pennies until the boat sinks. Make sure you count them as you go!

6. Use the second piece of foil to make a new boat, based on what you observed from your previous design.

7. Estimate how many pennies the new design will hold.

8. Place the new boat in water, and carefully place 1 penny at a time in the boat until it sinks.

Which design held more pennies?

Why do you think that design held more pennies? 

Don't forget to send in a photograph of your designs!

Today's challenge: Paper Structures

Using newspaper or scrap paper and a roll of tape or ball of string…

  • What is the tallest tower you can build from 6 sheets of newspaper. Can your tower support the weight of a small toy?

  • Can you make a bridge to span a distance of 30 centimetres that will support 8 Matchbox cars?

Hint: bending, rolling, tearing, scrunching or concertina folding.

Don't forget to send in your photographs!

I hope that you have all had a good week, I am missing you all! It has been lovely for me, and I imagine others, to see your lovely faces! Thank you for the photographs, the lovely messages and words of gratitude that have been sent in with them, I really appreciate it! 🌈 Keep an eye out on Monday for your next challenge! Take care and stay safe! Miss Watts

Today's challenge: The task is for you to make the longest line of things that begin with the first letter of your first name.

To spread hope during this unprecedented time, I would like you to produce a rainbow to place in your windows. Please send a photograph to the office to keep us all smiling. I will share your lovely work on here.