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Week beginning 22nd June 2020



Hope you're all happy and healthy! So lovely to catch up with on the phone last week, you all seem to be having great fun at home and had lots to tell me.


Class updates:

  • Oscar has been to visit Thor's Cave with his family and found it really interesting
  • Paige has been enjoying playing in her new playhouse
  • Thea has had fun with her dog and her cousin's dogs
  • Ralph camped out during the thunderstorm last week and did some wonderful writing about it which he read to me on the phone
  • Hattie has enjoyed learning with her Nan last week and has had fun playing card games
  • Theo has been building dams and playing on rope swings, he loves his top trumps game at the minute
  • Caitilin has had lots of success with her plants that she's been growing and has been practising her rollerblading
  • Alfie has visited different beaches with his family and has bumped into some of his friends out and about
  • When I rang Reuben, he was busy making pizza for lunch (look at his home learning photo, it looks yummy) and he's really enjoying being back at school in his key worker bubble
  • Kobe has been scootering and has taken part in a football quiz on zoom that he really enjoyed
  • Noah has visited the ice cream farm, taking some for his family and has been on a bike ride everyday
  • Neve has had some new guinea pigs, called Dec and Ant (see her home learning photos)
  • Joshua has been learning about mars and told me an interesting fact about it, that it has a volcano as big as France!
  • I spoke to William whilst he was at school and he's also enjoying being in his key worker bubble and has been having fun at home with his dog called Ollie
  • Eliza has been baking a chocolate cake last week and has enjoyed doing some maths work with sweets
  • Joey had a water fun day n the garden for Jamie's birthday and camped in the garden which was great fun
  • Edward has been enjoying playing in the garden on his swing


I'll try again this week with the children who I couldn't get hold of last week, have a great week  it's meant to be a hot one!


Mrs Hudson x