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From Monday 4th January 2021 the academy will only be open for children of key workers or any other nominated group , as directed by the Government. Please visit our Safeguarding page to find information and organisations to support keeping our children safe.

Week 2 - 27/4/20


This week the focus is The Day the Crayons Quit. Once you have got to know the book, spend the week focussing on five Independent Tasks as detailed in the Week 2 PowerPoint. Writing tasks will be set for the following week.


This week we are looking at geometry and shape. There are a selection of activities. Choose the ones that you can achieve without too much difficulty. There is also a really great computer coding activity using Scratch to draw shapes and patterns.


Coding in Scratch to draw amazing shapes and patterns. Full instructions and lots of fun!

The second PowerPoint takes things a little further. 

I've made a PDF version of each PowerPoint in case you wanted to print out any pages.

Requires a free download of the Scratch app from MIT. Make sure an adult supervises you.

MrD says, 'Get permission before downloading the app.'

Download only with adult supervision - stay safe online.


This week we are getting in a spin!