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Reminder - our next INSET day is Friday 28th May - children will not be in school.

Week 11 - 6/7/20

English - DOGGER by Shirley Hughes

The heart-warming story of Dave's precious Dogger, who is lost but then restored thanks to a big sister's amazing generosity.

DOGGER activities presentation

Other stories by Shirley Hughes for comparison

One-sided conversation

A very clever and funny example of how to make people imagine a situation by only giving them one side of a conversation.

Maths - mathematical reasoning

A second week of applying maths skills and reasoning about maths.

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All About Me!

An opportunity for you to tell your new teacher all about yourself and what you’ve been up to these past few months!

Copies are available at the office. Please return to school on the afternoon you come in to meet up, or drop into the office or post on ClassDojo.