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It has been a privilege to welcome The Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield into school, and Mrs Wedgwood , CEO St. Chad’s Academy Trust to formally open and bless our new extension.

Summer Term

Sunflower Competition


Well done to everyone who successfully grew a sunflower as part of Science Week!


Congratulations to Daisy Buckley for growing the tallest sunflower in Year 5.

Practical Maths - Measurement


We have been looking at converting units of measure in Maths.  We drew round each other on the playground with chalk and used metre sticks to measure height, arm length and leg lengths.  Next, we converted the measurements between mm, cm, m and km using multiplication and division. 

PE Enrichment Session - Archery

Ancient Greece - Battle of Marathon


As part of our topic, we have been learning about the Battle of Marathon between the Persians and the Athenians.  

We have researched the key events of the battle and used drama to act out the main scenes.


We also learnt why a marathon is called a marathon!

Butterfly Lifecycles


For our science topic, we are looking at the lifecycles of animals and insects. 

Here are some pictures of seeing insect lifecycles in real life - the pupa of a butterfly inside the cocoon!

Shakespeare Week

26th April - 6th May 2022

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Retelling the story through drama

Identifying poetic features in Shakespeare

Shakespeare Poetry

Shakespeare Theatre Posters

The Titanic Exhibition at The Potteries Art Gallery and Museum

Thursday 28th April 2022


Here are some pictures of Year 5's exciting trip to the Titanic Exhibition.  The children spotted lots of fascinating information about the Titanic and built on their learning from the classroom brilliantly.


Going round the exhibition, the children studied the passenger log wall to spot if anyone shared their names and familiar names we have learnt about, completed quiz questions and a scavenger hunt in the exhibition, and had a photo opportunity on the ship replica.


Whilst at the museum, Year 5 also had the chance to visit the Commonwealth Exhibition and see a Spitfire from WW2. 


All the children showed great respect and manners moving round the museum.  They were respectful to other members of the public who commented on the children's considerate behaviours.  A huge well done, Year 5! :)  

Exploring the Titanic Exhibition

The Titanic

Year 5 also had the opportunity to visit the Knife Angel whilst on it's tour of the UK. 


We discussed the message behind the statue and then had the opportunity to draw the angel.  The children all showed great respect and compassion when visiting the angel and made some great links to our Faith Arts Week focus last half term.


A huge well done for a great trip and some superb artwork on the Knife Angel, Year 5!

The Knife Angel