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Summer 2023

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Week commencing 15th May 2023


This week in maths, we have started our learning on mass and capacity beginning with using scales and measuring in grams and kilograms. Ask the children if they can tell you how many grams there are in a kilogram.


In English, we have been continuing with our innovation of the Egyptian Cinderella story and have been focusing on the climax of our story. They children have been trying their best to include adverbs to show how, when, where or why their verb is being carried out.


In science, we have been dissecting flowers and learning all about why and how bees are attracted to them.


Homework this week is maths, pages 20 and 24 are to be completed and returned to school no later than 24th May 2023.

Week commencing 8th May 2023


In maths this week, the children have been finishing off their initial work on fractions. They have developed a good understanding of what a fraction is and how to order and compare them. 


In English, we have begun to write our own version of the Egyptian Cinderella. The children have been proudly trying to showcase their skills such as alliteration, similes and use of adverbs.


In Science, we have been completed our observations of the 2 investigations we set up. The children then recorded the results and made their conclusions. They now know that a plant needs, water, light and heat to grow healthily.


In PE, they had a fab time competing against each other in a mini games competition.


Homework this week is maths, pages 20 and 21 are to be completed and returned to school no later than Wednesday 17th May.

Week commencing 1 May 2023


The children had a fantastic visit to Chester Zoo where their recent learning of the rainforests were really brought to life. They were very excited to see the orangutan and her baby as well as the morpho butterflies in the butterfly house.


On Friday, we had a great day celebrating the coronation. We learned that all monarchs since 1066 have been crowned there with the exception of 2.  Ask your child to see if they can remember who these were. We also learned that the coronation song is called Zadoc the Priest and was written by George Fredrick Handel in 1727 for King George II. We played teams games and planted seeds to celebrate the coronation.

Week commencing 24th April 2023


This week in maths, we have been continuing our work with fractions. We have been counting fractions on a number line and making links between number lines and scales. We have been using this information to help us problem solve.


In English, we have been continuing with the reading of the Egyptian Cinderella. This week we used drama to create frieze frames of different scenes from the book. We then brought some of the characters to life to ask them different questions about their thoughts and emotions.


In science, we have set up an investigation to ask a question about what plants need to grow. The children have all asked different questions such as do plants need light, heat water to grow. They have then set up their investigation accordingly and will be observing and recording what they see over the next few weeks.


Homework this week is English, Pages 38 and 39 are to be completed and returned to school no later than Wednesday 3rd May. 

Week commencing 17th April 2023


This week in maths, the children have been continuing their learning on fractions. We have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions as well as how to compare and order them. We have been learning some key information to help us do this.




In English, we are reading the text 'The Egyptian Cinderella', we have compared the book to other cinderella stories and discussed how they are similar and different. We have been learning to skim and scan in order to understand the general idea of the text or look for key information. We have also been learning to use punctuation to help with our expression when reading.


In science, we have been learning about the part of a flower. We have drawn on our information about sculpting flowers from our D&T work last term. Ask the children to name the 4 parts of a flower.


Homework this week is maths, pages 26 and 28 are to be completed and returned to school no later than Wednesday 26th April 2023.


This week's spellings can be found at the top of the page.