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Parents - take a look at our Safeguarding page for guidance on HOW TO KEEP SAFE ONLINE and HOW TO STAY SAFE IN THE SUN!

Spring term


  • Remember to always stay safe on line and follow these SMART rules:

    • Safe: Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information when you're chatting or posting online. Personal information includes your email address, phone number and password.
    • Meet: Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous. Only do so with your parents' or carers' permission and even then only when they can be present. Remember online friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.
    • Accepting: Accepting emails, messages, or opening files, images or texts from people you don't know or trust can lead to problems — they may contain viruses or nasty messages!
    • Reliable: Someone online might lie about who they are and information on the internet may not be true. 
    • Tell: Tell a parent, carer or a trusted adult if someone, or something, makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, or if you or someone you know is being bullied online.
Easter Holiday Homework

We are sure you are all looking forward to enjoying your Easter holiday and consuming lots of delicious Easter Eggs!  With this in mind, we would like you to produce an information page/booklet about how chocolate is made.  Whilst at Cadbury World we watched an interactive video full of information about chocolate, as well as this you can carry out your own additional research.  You have also been given pictures of the different stages that you may wish to include to illustrate the different stages.  It can either be handwritten or it could be produced using the Computing skills we have learnt this term on programmes such as MS Publisher.    Please make sure though that the sentences are your own and are not copied and pasted from other sources, you need to turn your research into your own words. 

Have a great Easter.    

Happy New Year Year 4 Class!


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019. We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you all for your  Christmas wishes and gifts -  it was very kind of you. We are very excited to be starting our Rainforest topic . 


Teaching Staff

During the course of the week your children will continue to be taught by both of us.  We are working very hard to ensure that the transition between us is seamless. Our  continued shared high expectations of your children in terms of behaviour and readiness for learning have been and will continued to be shared with the children. 

Our teaching schedule will be as follows:

 Mrs Bates - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 

Mrs Jones - Thursday and Friday

 Mrs Jackson our Music expert will also be delivering Music lessons on a Wednesday morning. 



Homework will be given out on a Friday and will alternate between English and Maths.  The children will be provided with homework books and we will indicate which page/s need to be completed each week.  Homework should be returned and completed by Wednesday.  It is important that children are responsible for completing their homework and, as a school, it has been agreed that if it has not been completed that children will be allocated time to complete this during Golden Reward Time on a Friday afternoon.  In addition to this, we will be setting a project based homework during the course of the term; more information will follow. 


All children should read at least three times per week at home to an adult; please could this be recorded in their reading record.   It is very important that the  children bring in their reading books in on a daily basis to support reading throughout the week.The children have been made aware that reading books that need to be changed must be given in on a Wednesday, please note that we don’t check every child’s reading diary on a daily basis. If you have a message then please ensure your child hands this to us or alternatively leaves a message via the school office either via the office, by telephone or email.


Finally, the children have already shown great passion this year to become confident mathematicians with their multiplication facts.  At the end of this academic year the children will be assessed on their knowledge of all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.  Last year the children were introduced to ‘TT Rockstars’ and next week we will recap with the children how to login to play the multiplication-based games at home.  In addition, in school we will support the children with regular practise of their tables and a personal competition to beat your own times and scores!



PE lessons will take place on a Monday, please ensure appropriate clothing is sent in so the children are warm during this inclement weather. 


As always if you have any queries or need to speak to us then please don't hesitate to do so.

We look forward to a very exciting year ahead and thank you in advance for all your continued support.  

Kind regards,

Mrs C Jones and Mrs E Bates and the Year 4 team.

During Shakespeare week we have been studying Macbeth.  Inspired by the story and the ruthless act of Macbeth killing King Duncan, the children designed a dagger on paper then used sewing skills to complete their design.  The children were thrilled with their success at developing their sewing skills. 
As part of our Spring Term Rainforest topic, the children all produced projects to show the structure of a rainforest.  The children had the opportunity to present their models to the rest of the school and their parents during a showcase afternoon.  We were really impressed with the knowledge the children shared during the afternoon and their impressive models.
During One World Week the children learnt about Brazil, comparing and contrasts lifestyles.  We discovered the importance of carnivals in Brazil and used this as inspiration to create exciting animations of carnival dancers.  

We love to READ in Year 4 and we recommend ...

Celebrating World Book Day

We use coloured bars to model and deepen our understanding of equivalent fractions.  

Making Brazilian chocolate truffles - brigadeiro