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Reception 2

Welcome to Reception 2



Reception Home Learning 2020


We are aiming to provide parents with suggestions for activities the children could do at home during this time  It is important to remember: every family is different, every child is different, every parents working situation is different.  Please avoid comparing what other families are doing and how much they have done each day.  Do what works best for your family and for your child.  It's a difficult time and the most important thing is maintaining health and well being. 


Play Based Learning

Remember Early Years Foundation Stage is focused on learning through play so make the most of: imaginative play at home, games with your children, creative tasks, exploring your garden, baking together, singing and dancing, exercise, reading to your child to develop language and communication.   Have fun with your learning at home. 



If you need further suggestions/guidance please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will then forward emails to relevant teachers. 



It's lovely to see some of your learning at home already being shared on Tapestry, especially happy faces enjoying the lovely weather in our gardens.  We are regularly checking Tapestry and can communicate with your children about their activities.  We will also add photographs to our class page to share the lovely activities happening at home.    


Academic Learning/Daily Structure

Remember sitting one to one with your child for an hour doing 'academic time' would not be suitable for this age group therefore do as long as you and your child are enjoying together.   Below is just one suggested timetable that may work for your family but please use the times and activities as a guide only.  


Thank you for all your support.  We are missing seeing you all.  Stay safe and we hope to see you all as soon as possible.


Mrs Bates and Mrs Jones

Timetable Suggestion

Timetable Suggestion 1

Welcome to Bishop Lonsdale and Reception


Welcome back!

We hope you all had a fun and relaxing summer holiday. This is an exciting time now for your family as your child begins their school life at Bishop Lonsdale. We hope your child will be very happy and enjoy many achievements at our school.  


The children have had a fabulous first few days and have settled in really well. We are now looking forward to getting to know your child better. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a baseline assessment on your children by talking, playing and listening to them. This will help us gain knowledge of where they are and what their individual next steps are.  



The children are all doing fantastically well coming into school in the mornings. We know that for some children (and parents) this is a daunting and emotional time. Please be assured that any children who are initially finding this part of the day difficult, settle quickly once inside and they are soon happily playing. For the first couple of weeks we are happy for parents to come into school with children in a morning. From Monday      th September, we will be encouraging children to say goodbye to parents at the gate and walk into their classroom independently, where a staff member will greet them.  


Water Bottles  

Your child will need a water bottle in school every day. This water bottle needs to be clearly labelled and be filled with water only as we are a ‘Healthy School’.  



In early years children will be able to access the outdoor area most days. When the weather is wet children need the appropriate footwear. Please send your child into school with a pair of clearly labelled wellies in a bag for them to keep in school.   


Spare clothes  

Please send your child into school with some spare clothes to keep on their peg. These will come in handy if your child ever needs changing and will make them feel more comfortable in their own clothes.  


PE Kits 

Over the next few weeks children will start PE lessons. PE kits need to be clearly labelled in a PE bag on their pegs. PE kits will be a white t-shirt, green shorts and black pumps for indoor PE. Children are welcome to bring jogging bottoms and jumpers for outdoor PE but we will begin with indoor PE. We will send PE kits home every half term to be washed. Please practise getting dressed/undressed with your children at home to get them used to doing it independently in school.  


Show and Tell  

On a Friday the children will have the opportunity to bring into school one small item to talk about during circle time. Children sometimes like to bring leaflets to places they have visited, a photo of family or friends or something they have made themselves at home.  


Fruit and Milk  

Children will receive free milk and a piece of fruit each morning until they turn 5 years old. Once they have turned 5, they still receive fruit but milk is charged at 20p a day (please see the school office). Children in reception also receive a free school meal. If you would prefer your child to have a packed lunch from home, please send your child with a healthy lunch in a clearly labelled lunch box.  


Reading Books  

Once we have completed a baseline assessment on your child this will determine what type of book your child will start coming home with. If your child brings home a picture book it is helpful if you would share this book with them, look at which way to hold a book, turn the pages, talk about what is happening in the pictures and what the characters might be saying etc. Some children may start with a phonetically decodable book to start them on their reading journey, once again please share this book with your child at home and encourage them with their reading. We consciously only hand out one week per week, this helps to develop children’s confidence and familiarity with reading. As a result, we hope that these skills can be used alongside your own books at home.  

Whichever book your child comes home with, it would be helpful if you could write a little note in their reading diary about what you did together and how much you have read. This provides additional information about how they are finding their reading and allows us to change their book once it has been read. These books will be changed once a week on a Tuesday and returned home on a Wednesday.  



Your child will have the opportunity to borrow books from our school library each week to bring home and share with you. Our library session will be on a Tuesday. We hope you enjoy sharing these books together by reading the stories, talking about the pictures and spotting letters and words which they recognise.  


School book pack  

In the next few weeks your child will receive a school book pack. These only need to be returned to school on a Tuesday and will be handed back out again on a Wednesday. Most letters are sent out over ParentPay to your email, occasionally letters will be sent out via your child’s book pack, so please look out for these.  



After half term, children will be bringing home a ‘Home Learning Book’ with a list of activities linked to our topic. Please complete at least 5 activities and record them in your child’s book. We will ask you to return these books at the end of the half term for the children to celebrate their home learning with the class.   


Home time 

As you are aware, home time is a very busy time! We appreciate your support whilst we are getting to know people who are collecting the children and this will become much quicker over the next few weeks. If your normal home time arrangements change e.g. children are being collected by another adult, please let your child’s class teacher know, either by sending into school a note or an email to school office.  


We hope this answers any of your queries.

Many thanks, 

Mrs Bates and Mrs Jones 





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