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Carol Service 2019 - a very special evening, huge thanks to all who attended and a star turn from soloist, Isaac Greenway. You were brilliant!

Reception 1

Welcome to Reception 1 Class!

Dear parents/carers,


Here are a few reminders and updates of things happening in our Reception class: 


Water Bottles

Your child will need a water bottle in school every day. This water bottle needs to be clearly labelled and be filled with water only as we are a ‘Healthy School’.



In early years children will be able to access the outdoor area most days. When the weather is wet children need the appropriate footwear. Please send your child into school with a pair of clearly labelled wellies in a bag for them to keep in school. 


Spare clothes

Please send your child into school with some spare clothes to keep on their peg. These will come in handy if your child ever needs changing and will make them feel more comfortable in their own clothes.


PE Kits

PE kits need to be clearly labelled in a PE bag on their pegs. PE kits will be a white t-shirt, green shorts and black pumps for indoor PE. Children are welcome to bring jogging bottoms and jumpers for outdoor PE. We will send PE kits home every half term to be washed. Please practise getting dressed/undressed with your children at home to get them used to doing it independently in school.


Show and Tell

On a Friday the children will have the opportunity to bring into school one small item to talk about during circle time. Children sometimes like to bring leaflets to places they have visited, a photo of family or friends or something they have made themselves at home.


Fruit and Milk

Children will receive free milk and a piece of fruit each morning until they turn 5 years old. Once they have turned 5, they still receive fruit but milk is charged at 20p a day (please see the school office). Children in reception also receive a free school meal. If you would prefer your child to have a packed lunch from home, please send your child with a healthy lunch in a clearly labelled lunch box.


Reading Books

Reading books will be changed on a Thursday and returned home on a Friday



Your child will have the opportunity to borrow books from our school library each week to bring home and share with you. Our library session will be on a Thursday. We hope you enjoy sharing these books together by reading the stories, talking about the pictures and spotting letters and words which they recognise.


School book pack

These only need to be returned to school on a Thursday and will be handed back out again on a Friday. Most letters are sent out over ParentPay to your email, occasionally letters will be sent out via your child’s book pack, so please look out for these.



Children will be bringing home a ‘Home Learning Book’ with a list of activities linked to our topic during the term. Please complete at least 5 activities and record them in your child’s book. We will ask you to return these books at the end of the term for the children to celebrate their home learning with the class. 


Home time

As you are aware, home time is a very busy time! If your normal home time arrangements change e.g. children are being collected by another adult, please let your child’s class teacher know, either by sending into school a note or an email to school office.


Many thanks

Mrs Booth & Mrs Wall 





We learn to read through teaching the children Phonics following the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme from the government. In Reception we try to make these sessions as practical as possible, fun and engaging through the use of actions and songs to help us learn each phoneme. These songs can be found on Youtube under "Jolly Phonics Songs" and I am sure the children will love singing them with you.


We have daily phonics sessions to revisit sounds we have learned, learn new sounds and tricky words. Each session includes daily reading and writing at a suitable level for your child. Reading books are sent home to encourage children to read at home, they are sent at a level that they can improve their reading without being too tricky. We encourage parents to read as often as possible at home, re-visiting the same book throughout the week to increase fluency and sight recognition and to chat about the story, setting, characters and even predictions and feelings/emotions. There are suggested questions and activities inside the front cover of your child's reading diary for further information. If needed, please speak to me if you would like two books sent home weekly.


The video below shows how to clearly articulate the sounds as part of our Phonics and hopefully will be useful.


Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you have any further questions.


Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

This is a catchy song we use within our phonics sessions to help us learn the tricky words!

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