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Autumn Term

Take a look at what Year 6 have been doing in the Autumn Term!


Autumn Term 2


For the second half of the Autumn Term, Year 6 will focus their learning on The Victorians. 

We will experience Victorian school routines and discover what life was like for both rich and poor Victorians, as well as learning how Dr Barnardo helped many vulnerable Victorians through 'Street Child by Berlie Doherty'.

BBC Supermovers

We have been using BBC Supermovers videos to reinforce different topics we have been learning about in class.  
Here is the link to the KS2 Supermovers collection to watch at home.

How does the heart work?

As part of our Science Circulatory System topic, we have used our learning about the heart to create non-chronological reports to explain how the heart works and how to keep it healthy.  Here are some examples of our reports and how to look after your heart: 


We then created advice sheets which show key information for looking after the heart.


Miss Rutherford set us a Maths challenge to find out how many laps of the playground is the same as one mile. 
We used metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure the perimeter of the netball court on the KS2 playground and found out that 1 lap = 85m
after checking our findings in a group and as a class. 
Using our multiplication and addition skills, we worked out that one mile is 19 laps of the playground - rounded to the next lap. 

We can now complete our Daily Mile challenge on the playground too!


Children in Need - Friday 15th November


Here are some pictures from our fantastic fundraising event
for Children in Need.

We raised an amazing £220 for the charity and our stalls were a huge success!

Thank you to our parents for all your help!

During our Victorian themed school day, we looked at the 3 R's - Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.  We had chance to read some Victorian poems, write using Copperplate style and complete a range of Maths arithmetic questions.

We really enjoyed writing in a Copperplate style!



Picture 1

Autumn Term 1


For the first half of the Autumn Term, the curriculum content in Year 6 will focus on the history of Eccleshall and the local area. 

We will dive into the secrets of Eccleshall's past, understand where the town's name comes from and find out why Eccleshall became an important resting place in the 17th and 18th Century.

Pig Heart Science Observation - Wednesday 16th October 2019


To continue learning about the heart on 'Restart a Heart' day (covered in pink aprons and gloves), we examined a pig heart in small groups. 

We were able to find out how the blood is pumped into the heart to be oxygenated and back out again, using our fingers to find the arteries and veins.


Here are some pictures of our Science lesson for those with a strong stomach - you have been warned!:

Eleanor W: "The pig heart was really interesting because you could see different parts of the circulatory system."


James: "I thought I would need fresh air but I didn't!"


Poppy: "There were lots of different tubes in the heart which do different jobs and we cut the heart open to see them."


Oli: "It really helped me understand the way the heart works and I really enjoyed looking at how the different chambers in the heart fit together to pump oxygen around the body."


Ptolly: "I learnt that the superior vena cava carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart."


Bailey: "I thought heart would look really disgusting but there was nothing to be worried about."


Wyatt: "I thought the heart would be really strong but it was softer than I thought it would be.  I put my fingers into the different tubes in the heart."


John: "In our heart lesson, we made some great discoveries about what was inside the heart."


Ben: "The pig heart wasn't what I expected and was covered in lots of blood!"


Jack D: "I learnt was sticky and it has a lot of muscle around it."

First Responders Visit - Wednesday 16th October 2019


October 16th was 'Restart a Heart' day and the First Responders taught us about CPR. 

In groups, we worked with Paramedics Charlotte and Matt, and First Responders Martin, Steve and Susan to learn when and how to do CPR.


Here are some pictures of our First Aid lesson: 

Lukas: "I found out what CPR means."


Oli: "I was taught that when somebody needs CPR, you should keep them calm and talk to them.  I learnt that when the First Responders come you have to move out the way as quickly as possible for them to help."


Ptolly: "Depending on the age of the patient, you apply a different amount of pressure during CPR."


Osian: "I know what to do in the case of an emergency."


Poppy: "We learnt what Drs ABC stands for - Danger, Response, Shout, Airways, Breathing Circulation."


William: "I knew what CPR was before but I didn't realise it was such a hard job."


Wyatt: "The First Responders were very helpful by showing us how to restart a heart and all of the positions to do CPR."


Eleanor R: "They showed us to press down 30 times a minute and if the patient is still not breathing, repeat CPR."


Emelia: "It was hard work but we knew it could help us save a life one day."


James: "We learnt to do CPR to the tune of 'Stayin Alive'."


Anya: "Even before you start doing CPR, if you lift the airway it could help the patient start breathing."


John: "In an emergency, call 999 and answer the questions asked by the call operator."


Maths Problem Solving Day - Monday 7th October 2019


As part of Maths Problem Solving Day and on Michael Morpurgo Day, we took part in a mathematical puzzle workshop. 

We worked in small groups to solve 3 maths problems practically and then shared our evaluations of each of the puzzles difficulty to solve and the strategies we used.


Here are some pictures of our workshop in our costumes:



John: "My team worked well together because we listened to each other and discussed how to solve the problem."


Chloe: "The workshop had great team building activities that I really enjoyed."


Archie: "We worked as a team and didn't give up!"


Freya: "My team worked together to persevere."

Anya: "Some of the activities were harder than they looked but we challenged ourselves to get through them."

School Council Elections - Friday 11th October 2019


For School Council Elections, the hall was transformed into 'Bishop Lonsdale Polling Station' and we ran the elections - see the results on the School Council page.

You did a fantastic job - well done Year 6!