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Year 6 O

Welcome to Year 6O!


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Year six topics include:

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Local Study Victorian Reformers WW II WW II Evolution Moving On

Year 6 Enterprise Project

(4th and 10th June 2019)

Working with a professional artist and ceramicist, Year 6 designed and produced a set of products to be sold at the Summer Fair. The aim is to make enough money to cover the costs of materials and services with hopefully a little extra as profit.

As well as the skills of art and design, Year 6 will also need to apply their maths skills to calculate the necessary pricing and English skills to market and promote the product to the public.

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Post SATS Celebrations


SATS are over! Yipppeeee!
To celebrate the end of our testing week, we were lucky enough to have a film, pizza and popcorn party afternoon.

Here our some pictures from our well earned treat:

Year 6 Spelling 'Bee'


On Friday 3rd May, we held a Spelling 'Bee' in the School Hall. 
The children were given a range of different spellings to work out from unscrambling letters and playing hangman, to group and individual mini spelling tests. 
The children were all very excited to take part and had been working very hard to learn their spelling words. 


The impact of the Spelling 'Bee' was fantastic and both Year 6 classes were competing against each other. 


Here are our top spellers from the competition: Freddie, Evie, Ellie, Izzy, Tommy, Vinnie, Finley, Leo, Callum and James


Our overall winners from the competition was Year 6 I.  Well done to both Year 6 classes!

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Kingswood Slideshow Presentation

Wills Wonderful Words

No Girls Allowed

Show In The Globe

Don't Mention Mac

Romeos and Juliets

19 All The Worlds A Stage.mp3

23 To Be Or Not To Be.mp3

Curtain Calls

Breaking News! Banquo Murdered!

As part of our study of Macbeth, we wrote a radio news bulletin on the murder of Banquo, Macbeth's best friend.






We then used our radio reports to write newspaper reports on the events of Banquo's death.

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Gravity demonstration.

Still image for this video
As part of Science Week we studied Stephen Hawking and the phenomenon of black holes: it was mind-bending. We also bent space using heavy spheres to imitate the effect gravity has and help understand what happens with a black hole.

D&T - Zoetropes

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Year 6 studied how early moving picture were made in the Victorian era, and created their own 'zoetropes' to animate drawings.
Here are a couple of examples by, Jasmine, Kendra and Scarlet.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 6 Parents' SATs meeting.