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Family Finish Sessions Feedback

"It was lovely to spend time with Ethan.  We enjoyed playing on the computer in the Travel Agents.  I look forward to other sessions"     Ethan's Mum

"Great to see James' nursery.  A lovely, happy environment.  What a well behaved class" James' dad.

"Super environment - lovely atmosphere.  Well done everyone and keep enjoying.  Young but once! Luke's dad.

"A lovely chance to see into Ruby's day.  What lovely toys, friends and staff.  Thank you!"
Ruby's Mum

"I've enjoyed coming in and joining in the activities this morning.  Being able to see what Mary and her friends get up to is especially valuable, since she rarely seems to remember what she does"  Mary's Mum.

"Really enjoyed coming to see the nursery and the children work.  Thank you for involving us.  It was lovely to see and Miss. Moore is brilliant."   Miss. Gravante

"Really lovely to see Chase playing with his friends and having fun.  He has been very proud to introduce me to friends and show me his favourite games and work.  Well done Miss. Moore on keeeping the children so happy!  Miss Atkinson.