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Eco Club

Welcome to Eco Club


At Eco club we do many fun activities to teach the children about how to look after our planet.  Our motto is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle so that we can have a happy healthy school.

Eco club takes place every Friday lunch time at 1245 in the Year 3 classroom.  It is run by three Year 6 girls who organise a range of activities both indoor and outdoor.  Every week your teacher will give out 5 tickets.  If you are one of those lucky people who have a ticket then you can come to Eco club.  If you don't believe us this is what the children say:


"I like Eco club because we can learn how to save the world and not litter." Lizzie, Year 3.


"I like Eco club because it's exciting, my favourite activity was collecting sticks on the field.  I didn't know much about pollution but now I know much more!" Nicole, Year 3


"I love Eco club, it's very crafty and fun.  We get to know things that we've never learnt before."  Daisy and Matilda, Year 2.

Eco Club Organisers

Eco Club Organisers 1

Friday 14th December 2018


Today we have talked about how Christmas is linked to Eco.  We split some scrap paper in half and wrote 'blue bin' and 'Eco bin'.  We then quizzed the children about the different types of rubbish we have at Christmas and which bin they would go in.  For example used Christmas crackers would go in the 'Eco bin', leftover food would go in the 'blue bin'.

Friday 30th November


Today in Eco club we did a carousel of activities where we could write an acrostic poem about Eco Club, a prayer or draw a picture.  We had lots of super work completed.

Friday 23th November


This week due to the horrible weather we have been inside so we decided to empty the recycling bins to make some paper crafts.  We made paper chains, snowflakes and paper springs.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 9th and 16th November


For our first group meeting we decided to go out and about around the school grounds to collect sticks.  The following week we used the sticks to make either nest or eco club signs.

Our Eco Club sign made from sticks and leaves.

Our Eco Club sign made from sticks and leaves. 1